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Please use the mobile or landline number provided at the top of this webpage.
If I can't take your call, I will get back to you if you leave a message that includes your name and a contact telephone number. Please note that if I do not reach you personally on returning your call, I will not leave a message with a third party unless you have explicitly requested me to do so. I will also not leave a message on your answering service if the answering service does not clearly identify you.

You can text me on the mobile number provided above.
Please use texting only for scheduling, i.e. confirmation, cancellation or arrangement of appointments.

I can be reached at the above email address. I have not added an active email link to the website, as these are inevitably 'harvested' and abused by spammers.

Urgent assistance.
If you're in the Gisborne area and require urgent assistance with a mental health issue, please call the Tairawhiti DHB Mental Health Emergency team on (06) 867 2435.

$32.50 - $40.00 per quarter hour, or part thereof, unless otherwise specified.

The consultation fee usually includes reports deemed necessary by the clinical psychologist. Additional report charges may be levied at the sole discretion of the clinical psychologist.

Consultations rarely exceed one hour.


1981 - BA (3 yr. degree) Psychology, Musicology, Sociology, Zulu.
Potchefstroom University, Republic of South Africa.

1983 - BA Honours (1 yr. graduate degree ), Psychology.
Potchefstroom University 1983, Republic of South Africa.

1985 - MA (2 yr. graduate degree), Clinical Psychology.
Potchefstroom University, Republic of South Africa.

Registration as a Clinical Psychologist with the South African Medical Council.

2007 - Registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

2011 - Completion of National Academy of Neuropsychology course in Clinical Neuroanatomy.

Registration with the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Georgia, USA.


Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with psychiatric conditions and mental deficiency on both an in- and outpatient basis, within an interdisciplinary team framework.

Applied forensic psychology, specifically delivery of expert testimony in criminal cases.

Evaluation of correctional services inmates.

Consultant on matters relating to adoption and foster care.

Consultant on psychometric assessment of Metabolic Disorders and related Intellectual Handicap.

Commissioned officer of the South African Defence Force and Consultant on Military Psychology.

Psychogeriatric psychometric assessment.

Full Curriculum Vitae available on request.

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